Your Guide to the Expenses You can Claim as Compensation in a Car Accident

If you’re unfortunate enough to have a car accident, then consider yourself lucky if you have no major injuries and life can continue as it has after a while. However, that doesn’t mean you should just forget about the matter and not claim compensation – on the contrary, after a car accident you are entitled to much more than you may originally anticipate. Here is a short guide to the expenses you can claim as compensation from a car accident:


  • Medical expenses. Hopefully these won’t amount to much – but keep a diary and a list of all expenses you have incurred for medical care as you have the right to reimbursement.

  • Vehicle collision damage. Make sure you take pictures of the accident and the damage it has caused at the scene. Also, carefully keep all receipts from the mechanics, and if possible, have them sign a statement that the damage was directly caused by the accident as evidence you can later use.

  • Loss of use of vehicle. Since your vehicle needs to be repaired, you may not be able to use it for a while – rather, you’ll have to go through the discomfort of using public transportation or using other services and vehicles to accomplish your purpose. This constitutes discomfort and expenses.

  • Cost of hiring a vehicle or service. Keep the receipts of expenses. Of course, you may not be able to get away with hiring a limo for your day-to-day needs – keep it reasonable, but necessary expenses should be reimbursed.

  • Vehicle recovery. Your vehicle may have to be towed from the scene of the accident, and this can cost money as well. List it down.

  • Vehicle storage. Whilst your vehicle is under repair, it may have to be stored. Again, keep all receipts for future reimbursement.

  • Lost income. You may need to attend to many duties whilst sorting out the mess the accident has caused. In fact, you may not be able to work. This loss of income can be substantial.

  • Holiday cancellation. If you can’t go on a planned holiday due to the accident, then this too should be taken into account.

  • Others. Think of loss of fuel in the tank, credit card imbalances, consultation fees, suffering for people who are dependent on you – they’re all valid.

Having been in a car accident is bad enough; not receiving the just compensation you deserve could even be worse, as experts like know all too well. Make sure you list down all expenses that you incur, and keep all receipts that pertain directly or indirectly to the accident – costs you would never have had were it not for the unfortunate incident. As always puts it; know what you deserve.

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