Why Your Teenager Should Have a Ford Fiesta as Their First Car

Not only is the Ford Fiesta one of the world’s best-selling cars because of its reliability; it’s also the perfect car for new drivers. If you’re currently looking at investing in a new car for your teenager, have a look at some of the below reasons why the Ford Fiesta could help shape your teenager into a more confident, skilled driver.

Easy to Drive

Ford Fiestas are very easy to drive for a start, so your teenager will have no problems improving their overall driving experience. The problem other cars on the market have is that the clutch doesn’t do them any favours, but the Ford Fiesta certainly has the mechanics to make journeying that little bit easier for new drivers.

Small and Compact

If you’re looking at a used Ford Fiesta, you’ll be glad to know it’s not only easy to drive but it’s also small in size and very compact. This, again, makes driving much easier and safer and it also means your child can navigate their way around with more confidence.

Feature Rich

Fiestas are only very basic cars, but they’re still rich in features and are perfect for first-time drivers looking to experience more from their vehicles. Of course, depending on the model you opt for will influence the features your child benefits from, but even the older models have a host of features to help young drivers safely navigate around.

Safety First

Because Fiestas are easy to drive, small, compact and feature rich, it means they’re much safer to drive compared to other cars on the market. Your children will have no problems making their journeys but, more importantly, Fiestas are well built and offer a safe driving environment (so long as they drive safely).

They Help Build Confidence

One of the main reasons why so many parents opt for a Ford Fiesta as the first car for their teenage driver is because they help build confidence and make them into better drivers. There are only a few car models on the market that have the ability to help them do this and Ford Fiestas are one of them.

Cheap to Run

It’s not just the above reasons why you’ll consider a Fiesta; it’s also because of the price they retail at. Again, the make and model will change the price significantly, but a used Fiesta is one of the cheapest vehicles on the used car market by a considerable margin. Not only is the upfront cost of Ford Fiestas cheap and affordable but they’re also cheaper on tax, insurance, and other running costs such as gas.

Ford Fiestas aren’t the only cars on the market that can offer the same experience, but if you’re looking for a few models to make the shortlist, the Fiesta should be on it. Cheap to run, confidence building, feature rich, cheap to buy: these are just some of the reasons why Ford Fiestas are up there with the best first-time cars.

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