Which cities have the best auto insurance rates?

Every place has a different cost of living, and not just with gas either, but with food and residential pricing, too. Your geographical location can also affect your auto insurance rate. Auto rates vary by state and city and can even get as narrowed down as to your exact latitude and longitude. Typically rural areas see lower auto insurance rates than metro areas because of the lower probability of accidents. Probability of loss also plays into rates.


Cities vary extremely for auto insurance rates due to a variety of factors, number of average claims in the city, crime, or increased frequency of accidents. These increases in accidents can be caused by bad driving habits, environmental conditions or many other reasons that differ due to geographical location.


Using Carinsurance’s nosy neighbor tool, AOL Autos released a list of the cities with the lowest and highest auto insurance rates. You can also use this tool to look up your own city or neighboring cities’ average insurance rates.


Cities with the lowest rates and their average annual premium:


  1. Bullhead City, Ariz.: $702
  2. Falmouth, Maine: $730
  3. Kohler, Wis.: $761
  4. Franklin, Iowa: $772


Cities with the highest rates and their average annual premium:


  1. Detroit, Mich.: $4,599
  2. Brooklyn, N.Y.: $4,133
  3. New Orleans, La.: $3,530
  4. Allison, Texas: $3,385
  5. Miami, Fla.:  $2,632


A study by Insure.com in 2013 showed information for auto insurance rates by state.


States with the highest auto insurance rates and their average annual premiums:


  1. Louisiana: $2,699
  2. Michigan: $2,520
  3. Georgia: $2,155
  4. Oklahoma: $2,074
  5. Washington, D.C.: $2,006
  6. Montana: $1,914
  7. California: $1,819
  8. West Virginia: $1,816
  9. Rhode Island: $1,735
  10. Kentucky: $: 1,725


States with the lowest auto insurance rates and their average annual premiums:


  1. Maine: $934
  2. Iowa: $1,028
  3. North Carolina: $1,085
  4. Ohio: $1,106
  5. New Hampshire: $1,112
  6. Idaho: $1,133
  7. Vermont: $1,176
  8. Indiana: $1,183
  9. Washington: $1,226
  10. Arizona: $1,227



Your city and state has a lot to do with your auto insurance rates. If you live in a city with a higher rate than most, sometimes you can register your car in a different city so you get a different rate. Other more obvious ways to get a lower rate are to make sure you aren’t filing many claims, because that significantly affects your rate the most.


Stephanie Wilmsmeyer is a State Farm auto insurance agent in Columbia, Mo.

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