Understanding the Basics of Cheap SR-22 Insurance in California

A lot of people want to know what SR22 insurance is. Most of these are people who are told they need it in order to get insurance. This can happen in a variety of different cases, which is why it may be interesting to know not just how to find cheap SR22 insurance in California, but also to find out exactly what it is.


What Is SR22 Insurance?

There are a number of laws surrounding the insurance of motor vehicles. When some of these laws are broken, penalties and punishments are incurred. This is really the background of SR22 insurance as well. The government has decided that, if someone poses a social threat, they must have a number of mandatory insurance requirements above and beyond those of everyday people.

Simply put, every vehicle on the road has to have a certain level of insurance. This is designed to protect the driver of that vehicle, but also any other road users, as well as property owners. If this insurance is not in place and a motorist causes an accident, they would have to pay for the various damages out of their own pocket. This is something most people would never be able to afford. However, even if they can, laws are in place that state you simply cannot drive a vehicle without insurance, just as you cannot drive most vehicles without a license.

There are numerous other rules in place as well. For instance, someone is not allowed to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If they are caught driving under the influence, they will have what is known as a DUI against their name.

Someone who has been caught driving without insurance or without a license, or who has a DUI against them, or who has broken any other laws that caused them to lose their license, will find it more difficult to get insurance once their license is reinstated. These people will be required to provide the Department of Motor Vehicles with proof of SR22 insurance. This is not a singular piece of insurance in its own right. Rather, it is a document that proves you have met all the requirements of your license reinstatement, as well as being a document that proves that you are insured. A single missed payment on your insurance would revoke your SR22, which would lead to the DMV once again revoking your driver’s license as well.

The problem with needing an SR22 form (as it is a form attached to insurance, rather than insurance on its own), is that this generally makes your insurance premiums skyrocket. This is because you have committed a very serious driving offense for which your previous insurance company will have had to pay a lot of money. This is why it is so important that you spend some time comparing the market in order to find the cheapest option out there for you. There are a number of insurance companies that specialize in helping people who need SR22, luckily.

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