The most often replaced Car Parts

All those who have driven a car would have a fair idea about the car parts that are needed to be replaced regularly to get the best results. Auto parts conflate together to play an important part in running your vehicle, thus the role of each one of them cannot be neglected. The auto parts which suffer the brunt of time more than the others are:

Oil filter

Perhaps the most often replaced car part, oil filters are replaced during every oil change. Most car owners are very prompt in changing the oil after every 3-6 months, based on the running of the vehicle. Thus, every oil change means that the oil filter needs to be replaced.

Air filter

The life of a filter largely depends on the roads and the environment that a car is driven in. If the car is driven through roads with extra gravel and mud, then the air filter would be changed more frequently than that of other cars. Air filters have a set lifetime of 1 till 2 years and cannot be used after the period is over.

Brake pads

Brake pads are one of the most important auto parts in your vehicle. They play an important role in the braking process, thus special care needs to be taken to make sure that the pads are regularly updated. The brake pads usually have a working life of 3-4 years, but they tend to deteriorate more rapidly, if your rotors are not in the best condition.


The clutch or clutch plate plays an integral role in the running of a manual vehicle. The clutch usually stays puts for a long period of time, but if proper care is not taken and mistakes like ‘riding the clutch’ are continuously committed, the life of the clutch can drastically decrease. The clutch often lasts for the whole lifespan of a vehicle, thus it is one of the most purchased ‘used auto part’. So, if you want to buy used VW parts, you can start by purchasing a used clutch, as it is deemed to give you a very good lifespan.


Most vehicles do not require the user to change the fuses at all during the life of the vehicle. But, due to regular electrical fluctuations, they are one of the most frequently changed auto parts. The fuses act as a protection for the car against the current overload. A fuse can easily be replaced by installing another one with the same ampere rating. Special emphasis should be given to make sure that the replacement has the same ampere rating, as a fuse with a higher ampere rating than the one before can lead to a fire under the hood.

Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts often last the life of your vehicle, but if proper care is not taken, they may have to be replaced. Shocks and struts are also replaced voluntarily by enthusiasts to add to the feel of their vehicle on the road. Furthermore, reckless driving on bumpy roads can mean that your shocks and struts are in a process of constant depletion, and might soon be replaced.

Auto parts can give up on you at any stage of the vehicles life, thus it is imperative that you keep checking up on them regularly. If you feel the need for any auto parts, you can click here.

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