The Best Hatchbacks of 2016

As opposed to a sedan, a hatchback gives you the best of both worlds; style, performance and practicality. This post takes a look at the best hatchbacks on the market for 2016 – these cars make it on to top 10 lists year on year, and if you’re looking to get one straight from the production line there are plenty of dealers that will provide great plans.

2015 Ford Focus ST

VW Golf

A firm favourite in the hatchback world, the Golf doesn’t disappoint with favourable reviews across the board and featuring in many ‘Top 10’ lists. The Golf is a serious contender in the hatchback market, competing with the likes of the Mazda3 and Ford Focus. Generally sober and conservatively styled, this year’s Golf follows suit with a plain black interior cloth seating. Your model options for the Golf include the TSI, Golf SportWagen TSI, GTI, Golf R and the e-Golf.

A new feature for this year is its ‘infotainment’ system with 6 ½” or 8” touchscreen display, as well as the Driver Assist package that includes a host of features:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Forward collision warning
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Lane departure warning
  • Blind spot warning
  • Rear cross traffic alert
  • Rear park assist with steering assist

Renault Megane

Some have described the Megane’s handling as slightly rigid due to its stiff suspension, but this makes for a thrilling drive as the engine really packs a punch.

The interior trim is very similar to the older Megane models with improved quality – the tacky plastic fittings have been replaced with soft-feel textures that really make a difference to the interior feel. In terms of space, the front seats are roomy and comfortable with decent head and shoulder space, while the back passenger seats are a little on the tight side. The boot space is smaller than the older 5 door Megane, at 384l – importantly, larger than that of the VW Golf.

Its safety system comes with all the usual features expected of a hatchback in its price range, as well as coming with a few handing additions:

  • Blind-spot and lane-departure warnings
  • Emergency autonomous braking
  • Traffic-sign recognition
  • Rear-view camera

Skoda Octavia

If space is your key priority for your choice of hatchback, the Octavia really wins hands down with its 590l capacity boot and roomy interior. The Octavia makes for a great family car as well as being very enjoyable to drive. It may not boast the style of the Megane or the Golf, but with lower emissions than the Golf GTI and at a lower price, you get a lot of great features for your money. The modest 1.6l engine isn’t as much of a drawback as you may think due to its high fuel economy and low emissions. If you want a little more power, opt for the 2.0l version.

The Octavia has great build quality and comes with the following feature options:

  • Trip computer
  • Cruise control
  • Rear parking sensor
  • Crew protection assist and rear side airbags

As with buying any car, choosing the right hatchback depends on your priorities. The Octavia comes in as the cheapest, the Megane for style and performance, and the Golf as a general great all-rounder.

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