Steps to Take if your Car Breaks Down

Having your car break down on you can be a nightmare but being prepared for the possibility is half the battle. It will happen to us all at some point, so when you find yourself in a tight spot such as this, you need to the tools of the trade and the knowledge to help you out. A company like has your back when it comes to great value vehicle equipment but the safety gear is no use to you if you lack the wherewithal to solve the problem. Follow these top breakdown tips.


Buy Breakdown Cover

First things first, ensure you have reliable breakdown insurance. Road services are a godsend in almost every situation, considering the multiple benefits awarded to members and the fact that many breakdown services do not charge for call outs, whatever the hour or weather for that matter. There are hundreds of great value breakdown deals to choose from in packages suited to just about any driver – so don’t delay!



Make sure that you have all the relevant info and identification on you to ensure you won’t be caught short when a breakdown service comes to your aid. It’s a good idea to always keep any cards and relevant documents in the glove compartment at all times anyway. Also, always try and carry loose change around with you – in the event that your car breaks down in an area with a poor mobile phone signal or bad weather, you may need to rely on a payphone so keep some coins nearby.

Be seen, be safe

Presuming you don’t reach a convenient lay-by before you breakdown, you immediately need to alert other drivers and road users that you are immobile. Car breakdowns can occur in the most dangerous spots on motorways and on blind corners. Ensure you are seen by propping open the hood of your car or tying a scarf or piece of material to the antenna. The faster people will notice you are in trouble, the quicker they will assist you and take you and your car to safety.

One of the things you need most in the event of a breakdown – aside from a good helping of patience – is the multipurpose car tool no driver should be without, a sturdy farm jack. SGS Engineering Solutions aim to make a breakdown or emergency tyre change even simpler with their range of high-quality and precision engineered farm jacks that are built for the job.

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