How Are Modern Cars Evolving?

The modern car is completely unrecognisable to what we considered to be state of the art 10 to 20 years ago. Nowadays, even mass production cars have the ability to do well over 130 mph, and many supercars can pass 250 mph with consummate ease. In this post, we take a look at how modern cars are evolving, placing particular focus on fuels, interiors and design concepts.



Although we’re still largely reliant upon diesel, petrol and fossil fuels, the ways that cars use their fuels has changed rapidly, with many manufacturers now beginning to offer eco-engine options.

However, having said that, the rise of the electric car continues to be notable, and electric cars are certainly much more useable than they were a decade ago. Now, for instance, certain electric cars can get 250 miles out of a tank, meaning that you can get almost a week of petrol from a tank.

Hydrogen fuelled cars are still quite far away though and it’s clear that range must be improved further still and the cost of cars will have to reduce to make them commonplace on Britain’s roads.


The interior is potentially the place where cars have improved the most over the past decade. Whereas 10 years ago all you would really have is a cassette player, nowadays you can have as much technology in your car as you do in your house.

Some of the in-car luxuries now available are bonkers, as this blog post shows. From pop up speakers to heated seats, you can have everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

But it’s not just about cool luxuries for cars, and you also now get a lot of driver aids, such as reverse parking cameras, cruise control and traction control, which are all available on most production cars. Driving a car has never been simpler and more comfortable than ever before.

Design Concepts

And finally, even the design concepts of cars is changing. Whereas the trend before was very much ‘bigger is better’, now companies are trying to design smaller and smaller cars. Urban drivers are looking for cheaper, more valuable and more economical cars which means small and three door vehicles with tiny one litre engines. Thankfully, due to technological innovations, they still go like the clappers!

When looking like this, it’s really amazing to see how much cars have evolved. The only question that now remains is: how much further can we go?

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