Cheap SR22 Insurance to Get You Back on the Road after a DUI or Other Driving Offence

If you have been caught with a DUI or driving without insurance, you may think that you will never be allowed to get behind a wheel again. In reality, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Naturally, all of this takes time. First, you will have to pay for your vehicle to be taken back out of the impound yard. Next, you will have to go through the DUI classes or other court ordered classes. Then, you have to apply to have your license reinstated. Once you have done all of that, you will hit the final hurdle: finding new car insurance. This is where you will find out that you are suddenly classed as “high risk”, meaning your premiums will skyrocket. Additionally, you will need to find SR22 insurance.

How to Find cheap SR22 Insurance

SR22 insurance is not actually insurance. Rather, it is a filing that proves to the DMV that you have liability insurance in place. Basically, once you have had your license revoked, or have committed a driving offence that classes you as a high risk driver, the DMV wants to make sure you meet the responsibilities of a driver. In most cases, you will need to have this filing for three years after your license has been reinstated.

SR22 insurance doesn’t actually cost much. It is simply a filing, for which you have to pay a one-time only fee, which is usually around $20. This is on top of your license reinstatement fee, which tends to be around $55. What matters, however, is that once you need an SR22 filing, you will have very high insurance premiums. This is why you will need to start looking for cheap SR22 insurance.

Some insurance companies are now focusing specifically on high risk, subprime insurers, in the same way as there are loan companies that focus specifically on people with poor credit. You can expect to pay quite a lot for this, because the standard insurance companies won’t touch you at all. However, there is a difference between paying a lot and paying too much, which is why you need to do a good comparison of what is and isn’t available.

Spend some time online searching for companies that focus specifically on those who need an SR22 filing, but don’t forget to also look at a number of mainstream insurance companies. It is all too easy to believe that you can dismiss them out of hand, without even checking what the premiums would be. There are also ways to make sure your insurance premiums are reduced. For instance, you can have a device installed that only allows you to drive at a certain maximum speed, or that only allows you to drive around certain times or even to drive a certain amount of miles per month. By limiting your exposure to risky driving times, such as rush hour, evenings and weekends, you can significantly reduce your insurance premiums, even if you have an SR22 filing.

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