Car Scenes in Movies That Girls Love

When you think of car scenes in movies, you think chases, crashes and speed but these aren’t necessarily the only good ones. Everyone loves a good romance scene or a bit of comedy which is exactly what these five examples below show. From classics such as Grease and Titanic up to the pop girl movie Crossroads, there are plenty of cars involved that have made historic moments in each of the films for reasons other than a Rush Hour style car crash. These 5 have been suggested by who sure do know their cars!

1. Grease – The race scene

grease race

2. Pretty Woman – Final scene, Edward comes to rescue Vivian



3. Just Married – The tiny car gets buried in snow



4. Titanic – Rose and Jack hide in a car



5. Crossroads – Road Trip

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 16.47.55 copy


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