BMW’s Take on Electric Cars

Electric cars are slowly becoming more and more popular, but they still have a long way to go. The idea of running out of juice and long charging times puts many buyers off, even if they are in support of ditching petrol and diesel engines for good. The electric car from BMW could make all the difference though, the BMW i3 is unlike other electric cars; it’s been carefully considered and designed so you can expect a high quality and fresh experience that could sway your buying decision.

bmw takes to electrick cars

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Great Price Point

The price is one thing that may call out to you, it’s not expensive and it is possible to get a Government Grant to further reduce the price (approximately £25,680 with the financial assistance). It’s a bargain but it will also make you drive differently.  The design of the i3 isn’t like the other electric cars available on the market. It doesn’t look like your average car, the design reflects what’s going on inside, making it interesting and unique.  They haven’t hidden the battery under the floor and they don’t shy away from the fact that the front end is smaller as there is no need to house the motor or the gearbox there.

Perfect for City and Suburb Dwellers

If you live in the suburbs and commute to the city this really is the perfect choice for you. You are able to get a good view of what’s around you thanks to the glass design of the cabin and the high level eye point. The car is small so there are plenty of ways you can sneak into those small parking spaces and gaps that you may otherwise need to abandon.

The interior of the i3 is impressive too. There are no rough edges and it has a contemporary feel that you just can’t find in other vehicles. There aren’t the normal consoles that are found in fuelled cars, the dash also doesn’t have those divisions that are often placed between the driver and the passenger. It’s modern and an enjoyable space to spend time in, it’s quiet too. You will hear a slight noise but it is practically silent, even compared to other electric cars on the road.

What about the Performance?

The design, noise levels and ability to fit into small gaps doesn’t mean anything if the performance is lacking. Thankfully the i3 has a great speed potential, moving between quick and fast! The electrodes are positioned in the rear of the vehicle and even at speeds of around 70mph the car is able to cope and hold its own, so if you like to head into the fast lane on the motorway you will be able to do so with ease. There’s one transmission, the speed reduction gear and therefore the operation is much smoother than a twin clutch, auto and a manual.

This is a smooth electric car with impressive design and performance. If you’re ready to move on over to the electric side visit: to learn more.



Image attributed to: Danilo Rizzuti


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