Audi R8 4.2 FSI Quattro -The All New Supercar

If you are an Audi fan and been asking ‘what’s new in this car?’ Well, what’s not? This first supercar from the manufacturer Audi has taken the brand up to the next level. The new Audi R8 4.2 FSI Quattro is considered one of the most radical 4 wheeler cars since the supercars have begun to be a part of the history.


The base of this car is actually shared with the Lamborghini Gallardo, which is engineered by Audi. The Audi R8 uses a mid-mounted 4.2 liter FSI Quattro engine – a most common variant of this car, however it still manages to speed up to 62 mph within 4.6 seconds, and the top speed of this vehicle is 187 mph.

How much we loved the car? Well, very much! In two words – it’s just great. The mid mounted engine covered with a Ferrari like glass cover poses a sports car look. Agility and cornering grip highly delivered, which also matches the impressive high speed refinement. And you can even drive from a subcontinent to another; the huge 90 liter fuel tank allows you to do that. You can drive a long way without frequent refueling.

The curves in the body are sensual! The German-Russian touch and those curves are no less than those of Victoria’s Secrets catalogues. Supercars are usually very stressful to drive, but not this one. The R8 is quiet, comfortable and smooth. Hit the Audi Magnetic Ride button, the car will literally sense the road.

The car is 4 wheel drive. The torque is rear wheel biased, which offers painless power steering. The gear is unlike the Gallardo, Audi doesn’t use the e-gear technology from them. The Audi R8’s transmission is seamless and praised as good as the dual clutch system. The engine allows a 250 rpm over-rev above the 8000rpm limit. Interesting! However, this is only for the first three gears. This is useful because the rev reaches the limits within seconds for the first three gears in this supercar.

The engine too smooth. A supercar with this smooth engine is actually a sin! The shift lever looks kind of identical to the one from Lamborghini Gallardo. Though the rpm drops faster while changing the gears, for smooth gear shifts you need to use some tricks.

The car is driving friendly because of the spaces inside. The position of the steering wheel and the pedals gives you more room to move your knees. And drivers over 6ft. will find this car useful because the room inside is not cramped like most exotic supercars out there. The R8 responds like a conventional rear wheel drive sports car.

The storage space is plenty as well. Though it’s actually not that easy to get away with a supercar; admirers everywhere will be gawking over your car. However, if you still want to try then you may fill up your boot with plenty of stocks for your journey.

Get close to this supercar and see those carbon fiber details and artful tail lamp clusters. ‘Sideblade’ is a distinctive side element, buyers have the option to customize body color, carbon fiber etc.

Taking every aspects into consideration, there’s nothing really that much to talk about. If you have the huge wallet with $146,000 in it, then you just buy it without hesitation!

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