3 Things to Remember when Choosing Your First Vehicle

 So you’ve just passed your driving test? Great! It’s time to decide what your vehicle of choice is, but be careful, because the decision you make will affect the money you spend over the next year, the likelihood of you having a crash, and even the insurance options available to you. Here are 5 great tips for when choosing your first vehicle.


Remember, you don’t need to choose a car


You took your driving test, and driving is a truly valuable skill to have, but don’t think you need to buy a car – if you are only intending to travel short distances you might like to consider buying a motorbike or moped instead. You’ll have to take another test, but it’s definitely cheaper in insurance in the long run, and you’ll save money on petrol, repairs and vehicle purchase cost too.


You might be worrying about how cold it will be to drive a bike in the run up to winter, but don’t worry, with cool techy accessories like heated gloves from the Biker Store, you’ll still feel snug, even if it’s below zero!


Get advice from a showroom


You might think showrooms are full of pushy sales people, but that’s really not the case in most instances. If you’re worried about the safety of the car you choose, head over to somewhere like Lancashire Ford who can advise you on the best choice, and let you test drive several models so you find the perfect fit.


Consider the price of repairs


Yeah, that classic Mini might look cool, but if you ever damage it or it experiences some wear and tear, you might find it’s super expensive to source all the parts for the car, as they’re not always in production anymore when it comes to classic cars. For your first car, if you’re on a low budget, consider a more popular make, and ensure you keep the contact details of a reputed repair service to hand, such as Howard Basford, which is part of the well-known National Accident Repair Group.

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